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About Us

- In Brief
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In Brief

PRIMO is a registered trademark owned by JC Group (Taiwan, USA, China, Hongkong, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia) which involve in several businesses, such as: manufacture, trade, health, education, financing, energy, properties, etc.

PT. J C Utama Tehnik Indonesia as a subsidiary principal of PRIMO Lubricant & Chemical Maintenance Products in Indonesia, with head office located in Jakarta and branch offices in Palembang & Lampung and also several appointed Dealers & Suppliers as partners to distribute PRIMO in Indonesia.

PRIMO Lubricant & Chemical Maintenance Products has been distributed in Indonesia since the year 2002, focused in industrial & commercial market segment and then in 2006, expanded the distribution to automotive market segment, such as: lubricant, auto-care & home-care products. Supported by sales & technical team with more than 15 years experience in lubricant and lubrication, PRIMO Lubricant serves custom blend according to customer's request for private labelling or direct customer to the needs of special quality products according to engine's requirement and the condition of extreme applications, such as: various needs of synthetic oil with unique additive or grease types. Eventhough also widely serves lubricant (oil & grease) for general needs in industrial, mining, automotive, transportation & other commercial markets in Indonesia.

PT. J C Utama Tehnik Indonesia also owns and distributes welding electrodes with brand: AXA and ULTRAWELD for various maintenance application in constructions and repairing in industrial, mining, marine, transportation, heavy duty workshop, etc. The welding electrode products, including: mild steel, stainless steel, high tensile steel, cellulose and iron powder, gouging, chamfering & cutting, hard facing & wear protection, cobalt [repair saw mill knife & cutter], tool steel, cast iron, bronze, aluminium.

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The Quality Product
PRIMO is manufactured under ISO 9001 International Quality System Standard, guaranteed by National Standards (Certificate of Registered Lubricant Number) and has passed extensive quality control to meet the requirements of today's efficiency in automotive, transportation, industrial, marine, agricultural, mining and other specialties market needs.

PRIMO Lubricant & Chemical Maintenance Division has been committed to provide high quality products with European & USA advanced technology to qualify for supplying a complete range of:
1.Lubricant (oil & grease): Industrial, Marine, Automotive, Transportation & Specialty
2.Industrial Chemical Cleaner & Maintenance~solvent & water based (aerosol & bulk): electronic cleaner & protector, mould release, rust remover, rust protector, battery protector, degreaser, Oil spill dispersant, rig wash, tank cleaner, metal polisher, metal burn mark remover, etc
3.Auto-Care & Home-Care (aerosol & bulk): air freshener (aromatherapy, bacteria killer, odor absorber), cleaner & polisher (leather, wood, porcelain, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, copper) on automotive, house hold, office, hospital, hotel, laboratory, etc.

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Quality Base Oil
PRIMO Lubricant committed to provide better lubrication through high quality base oil for better stability against oxidation, better engine cleanliness, higher Viscosity Index and additive system working longer & more stable by using high quality synthetic base oil such as Complex Ester, Diester, Polyalphaolefin, Polyolester, PolyalkeleneGlycol, Silicon, Hydrogenated (Isomerized) and also PRIMO Petroclear (refined base oil) which is widely used recently to substitute conventional mineral Group I base oil.

Petroclear is base oil that appears clear as water after passing through several stages of purifying process to eliminate harmful elements (Nitrogen, Sulphur) that can decrease its lubricating performance.

Comparison of Base Oil Molecular Structure

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Additives System
High quality additives package from Europe & USA, including several unique additional additives such as PRIMO NIB (Nano Ionic Bond) Metal Treatment as anti-friction & oxygen blocker which gives extra ordinary protection against frictions on metal and decreased oxidation which benefits PRIMO consumer such as: extended oil service life, engine cleanliness, decreased wear, long lasting engine's life and high comfort in driving.
Some PRIMO Lubricant also added with tackiness agent and solid additives (such as MoS2, Graphite) according to application needs.

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Company Policy
Safety and comfort & advantageous in doing business, specially customers who buy directly from principal & PRIMO local authorized distributors, which are committed to be: COMPANY YOU CAN TRUST, straight way in doing business according to government regulations and not doing illegal business, reliable tax report in accordance with legal regulations, not doing deviated business acts like bribery ("under-table-money") which cause high costs, against the law, and manipulation of the real quality of products purchased.

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Technical Support & Service
Our technical consultation service is ready to provide better services in order to help customers choosing the proper product that's efficient & effective to decrease maintenance cost and provide high productivity value.

Consultation is highly recommended in order to release customers from buying products based just on their own experience or in equivalence with products they used, considering situation & condition such as: age and condition of equipments, working temperature, humidity, load and its other supporting material and local climate are very influencing factors for proper products that have to be used by customers.

For that purpose, our Technical Support will recommend the most proper products, whether our available products or need to be specially designed according to customers needs such as by adding proper additives as a cheaper but effective solution.

Please contact us, if you have any inquiry of presentation or product consultation.

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Customers Benefits - Supply Chain

With the existence of PRIMO principal in Indonesia, customers will get these benefits:

- Product Originality. Avoid customers from frequent complaints such as: low quality, improper quality (below OEM specification) or inoriginal lubricant (content of lubricant's packing different with what was written on its label, or even faked brand name) in the market.
- Best price for the best quality. Avoiding customers from high costs as the consequence of distribution through a lot of "hands".
- Commitment in quality, unlike appointed distributors-dealers who have low commitment & responsibility.
- Custom product's design according to customer's needs.
- Easier communication for free technical consultation, avoiding customers from using improper products and inefficiency

Please contact us, if you have any inquiry of price quotation or product consultation.

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