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PRIMO is manufactured under ISO 9001 International Quality System Standard, guaranteed by National Standards (Certificate of Registered Lubricant Number) and has passed extensive quality control to meet the requirements of today's efficiency in automotive, transportation, industrial, marine, agricultural, mining and other specialties market needs.

PRIMO Lubricant & Chemical Maintenance Division has been committed to provide high quality products with European & USA advanced technology to qualify for supplying a complete range of:
1.Lubricant (oil, grease & compound): Industrial, Marine, Automotive, Transportation & Specialty
2.Industrial Chemical Cleaner & Maintenance~solvent & water based (aerosol & bulk): electronic cleaner & protector, mould release, rust remover, rust protector, battery protector, degreaser, Oil spill dispersant, rig wash, tank cleaner, metal polisher, metal burn mark remover, etc
3.Auto-Care & Home-Care (aerosol & bulk): air freshener (aromatherapy, bacteria killer, odor absorber), cleaner & polisher (leather, wood, porcelain, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, copper) on automotive, house hold, office, hospital, hotel, laboratory, etc.

Other product distributed are welding electrodes, brand AXA & ULTRAWELD.


Industrial & Commercial
Metal Working
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