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All Purpose Lubricant, Anti-Friction, Anti-Oxidant, Rust Protector,
Penetrant, Anti-Noise in 1 Bottle.

10x lesser wear & 3-5x longer protection
than conventional lube & penetrating oil


1. LUBRICANT: SUPERIORLY reduces friction and wear

2. PENETRANT: Easy to loosens rusted bolts

3. ANTI-RUST & CORROSION: Forms protecting coat to prevent rust formation on surface, acts as anti-oxidant

4. DEMOISTURIZER: Able to resist water, keep surface free from moisture

5. STOP SQUEAKS: From bearings, hinges, etc. The NANO Lubricant bonds to metal as anti-friction to stop squeaks; effectively helping broken bearing is still running before being repaired/changed

6. MULTI-CLEANING FUNCTION: Cleans & removes rusted parts & stains/spots


- Protects, lubricates & loosens: rusted wheel’s screw, tight bolts, door keys, door hinges, cable connections, cable mechanism, coupling pedal, springs of car’s seat
- Eliminates sound from: brake mechanism, bearings, shock absorber parts
- Lubricates: battery poles for protection against oxidation/rust, chains and sprockets, machine tools, metal working, cutting, tapping & drilling equipments, paper & printing equipments
- Smooths and cleans: overhauled parts from rust and carbon crusts, gasoline lines, carburetors, windshield wiper rotating mechanism
- Removes: asphalt and stains stuck to car’s body and hard surfaces

Widely used for house hold maintenance, motorcycles, auto-mobiles and also in high temperature applications, extreme pressure (load bearing metal to metal), mining equipment, rock drilling, armaments, trucking industry, robotics, industrial lubrication, bicycling, tractors & farm, racing activity, etc.

*) Available in 250 mL, 5 L